Ducks Unlimited Canada: Conservator Magazine

Conservator magazine delivers beautiful photography and incredible stories from Canada’s wetlands in a stunning print edition.

This cover is representative of my family: mother (hen), father (drake) and two children (ducklings). Our eldest son is wary of water and the younger is always eager to get his head (and feet) wet. The family of ducks is a reminder that no matter what the future holds, we can always rely on the strength of our family to get us through. The bright colours of the cover also symbolize the hope and optimism that comes with this knowledge.

↑ Conservator Magazine, Spring 2023, Cover, Pages 20 – 23

↑ Cover Illustration, 8¼” x 10¾”

Northern Pintail

Smooth Green Snake
Great Plains Toad
Yellow Warbler
Green Darner

↑ Spot Illustrations, 6” x 6”